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Choosing to take part in the worlds toughest row is only half the battle as we will need to raise about £85,000 in order to get to the start line. The Atlantic Mavericks have pledged to self-fund the training and entry fees which is about £40,000, but are looking for sponsorship and support to fund the boat and the essential equipment for the row.    We would like to invite companies and corporations to become Partners for the Challenge, either through a Sponsor's Package or by assisting us to purchase specific items of equipment.



Through the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge’s HQ the Atlantic Mavericks will draw on well-established media outlets to generate publicity in the two-year build up, during and after the actual crossing.  This will be amplified by our own media campaign through radio, newspapers, magazines and social media.  This will allow sponsor brands to be highlighted throughout the world. 

In 2016 there were 3,250 pieces of coverage generated across 120 countries, including 39 articles in international newspapers, 178 pieces of international online coverage, 85 regional broadcast features and over 2 hours coverage on the BBC.  Social media coverage reached 20.1 million; 3.7 million watched the videos and a total engagement of 1.2 million.  

Articles appeared worldwide across national and broadcast news from Sky News to CNN to Rolling Stone Italia.  This is the kind of exposure that your company could have with advertising space on our boat.  For our major sponsors you could have the opportunity to name the boat, and/or have the boat painted in your corporate colours. 


The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge is an epic adventure, but it is only part of the challenge being attempted by the Atlantic Mavericks.  Two years of intense training and preparation will allow the team to participate in additional events, wherever time and their bodies will allow.  We are planning a high-profile presence at the Army v Navy rugby fixture at Twickenham in May 2019, linking our rugby heritage with one of our chosen charities, the Royal British Legion. 

Of course, it is ocean rowing that will get us across the Atlantic Ocean, so we will be looking for opportunities to participate in ocean rowing around the UK to hone our technique.   Early investment in the team will provide sponsors with 18 months of continuous media exposure and association with the Atlantic Mavericks at such high-profile events. 


We are four ordinary chaps, all in our fifties, who are relishing the physical and mental challenge of rowing 3,000 miles across the Atlantic.  We have all served for at least 20 years in the military and share bonds of friendship through playing rugby together over many years.  We all consider ourselves extremely fortunate to be able to even consider attempting such an adventure at this stage in our lives.  Rather than dashing off to buy a sports car, we want to push ourselves to our physical and mental limits and achieve something quite incredible. We want to give something back and inspire others to achieve the seemingly impossible.  We have been invited into schools to talk about the Atlantic Challenge and our journey and planning process to make a challenge a reality. 

The message is quite simple - “No matter what the circumstances, dare to dream, step beyond the constraints you believe hold you back and you can achieve amazing things”. 


The bottom line is that we want to raise as much money as possible for our chosen charities and the culmination of over 2 years activity should provide the opportunity for us to raise considerable sums.  In 2013 the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge raised over €1.5 million for the charities of the participating teams, a huge effort, but in 2019 we want to do so much better.  We are extremely proud to be working closely with the Royal British Legion and support them as they support our fellow Veterans – for ex-servicemen it is an extremely powerful link.   

Myeloma UK is equally important to us because of the huge role it played in helping one of the team overcome the active phase of his cancer and get into remission. 

We have a close association with 353 since we formed the Mavericks rugby team to compete in the World Masters Games in Turin in 2013.  353 is not a number.  It is a person. It is inspired by Conrad Lewis. Who became one of the brothers of 3 Para. Who became wiser, stronger and prouder. Who became the 353rd soldier in the theatre of Afghanistan to give up everything for what he believed in.  It is about the spirit of youth. It is about having the courage to change what you can. And the wisdom to know what you can’t. It is about respect. It is all or nothing. It is a way to live your life. It is about getting up when all around you falls. So, until the reorg in the heavens, get busy living.  353 is in memory and celebration of a rich and happy life. But 353 is not a full stop. It is a new beginning…

"Help Us To Help Others"